How do I find an inmate in Sonoma County?
  • For a Sonoma County Bail, we can help. Call the Cano Santa Rosa office at 707-466-2266. 
  • You can use the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office website. On the website, you will find a search tool that will allow you to search inmates by name, booking number, or date of birth. 
  • You can also view information about the inmate, including charges, booking date, and court dates. Additionally, you can sign up for Inmate Alerts, which will notify you when an inmate’s status changes.
Cano Santa Rosa can help with; 
  • Sonoma County jail inmates
    • inmate search
    • inmate locator
    • inmate search Santa Rosa.
    • Sonoma County jail records
    • jail booking log
    • arrest log 
  • Sonoma County jail money on books, 
  • commissary services.

Sonoma County inmate locator

Santa Rosa, CA 
You can find Sonoma County Superior Court portal. As well as court records, and court forms if needed.
sonoma county superior court portal
Forgot your court date? Sonoma Superior Court Daily Criminal, This link will help you find your next court date. Santa Rosa court case lookup
Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office
  • Find information about  Santa Rosa Main Adult Detention Facility and the North County Detention Facility
Sonoma county inmate visitation
  • Due to Covid 19, your want to call the jail. Find information about visiting the you may want to call to confirm you can vista Main Adult Detention Facility and the North County Detention Facility.
California inmate Locator
  1. Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office:

Address: 2796 Ventura Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone: (707) 565-2511