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It happens often that loved ones don’t know about an arrest. Most of the time, it’s because they can’t remember any phone numbers for people outside of jail or because jail rules say they can only make local calls. If you think someone has been arrested, you can call or go to a Cano Location to find out.
I don’t want anyone to wonder what might have happened to their mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, or other family member. Call for free information about a prisoner with no obligation.

To find someone who is doing time in a place run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. First, let’s talk about what’s good about inmate locator and search systems. Not only do they make it easy to find inmates, but they also give up-to-date information about where they are and what their status is. This is very important for people who are looking for a friend or family member who may have just been arrested or moved to a new facility. Also, these systems are often the only way to get the most accurate information about inmates.

Call Cano bail bonds to find out more about a prisoner. We serve the counties listed below.

  • Alameda County
  • Butte County  
  • Butte County  
  • Contra Costa County
  • The El Dorado treasure
  • Fresno County
  • Glenn County
  • Glenn County
  • Inyo  County
  • Kern County
  • Inyo  County
  • Lake County
  • In the vicinity of Los Angeles
  • Madera County
  • Marin County
  • Marin County
  • Merced County
  • Mono County
  • Monterey C
  • Napa County
  • Nevada County
  • Orange County
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • Sacramento county
  • Terrorist Attack in San Bernardino
  • San Diego County
  • We’re in the Bay Area, in San Francisco specifically.
  • Santa Clara County
  • San Luis Obispo is a city in California
  • San Mateo, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a city.
  • Santa Barbara. County
  • In Santa Clara County
  • Santa Cruz County
  • Shasta County
  • Siskiyou County
  • Solano County
  • Sonoma County
  • Stanislaus County
  • Sutter County
  • Tehama County
  • Tulare County
  • Ventura County
  • Yuba County


You can get free information about an inmate’s bail by calling Cano Bail Bones.

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