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We charge 10% of the total bond amount, the rate set by California for bail bond companies.  
We offer discounts, rate rebate and competitive pricing to ensure that our services are affordable and accessible to all. 


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Bail Amount

After an arrest, the court will set a bail amount, which varies based on the charges and other contributing factors.

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After the bail amount is set, the first thing to do is contact Albert Cano Aceves Bail Bonds for free initial bail information. We will put our expertise and experience to work for you immediately.

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Processing & Finalizing Release

We then work with you or your loved one and the jail to secure release by issuing a bond in the full amount of the bail set by the court.

Bail Rates

I hold a Department of Insurance Bail Agent License. Bail Agent Consultant for 14 yrs for the biggest Bail Bond Company. I was an Area Director and held a seat as a Board member for the California Bail Agents Association- 6yrs. As an employee, I was always the leading agent for many years. 

I BAIL OUT DEFENDANTS WHO ARE NOT USA RESIDENTS OR CITIZENS. Only a hand full of Bail Agents Bail out foreign Nationals. VERY VERY FEW agents, Experience with Large bonds and 1275PC hold, made simple compared to other companies, 

With our easy process & fast large bond approvals & we guide our clients through the entire process, we make it easy, the online process keeps Client’s info, safe and encrypted, we handle all the paperwork, high-risk tolerance with large bonds and 1275holds and Network of Bail agents minutes from every jail Statewide and throughout the USA, my surety. And available to refer to throughout California and Nationwide. 

Dependable, honest, Client confidential/ Client Privacy, fast and easy process, professional, Family, Integrity, Fast, 

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We at Albert Cano Aceves Bail Bonds strive to be the number one choice in bail bonds. Our main office is based in Beautiful Wine County, SONOMA, CA with agents located across the entire state. No matter the criminal charge, or county, Albert Cano Aceves Bail Bonds is ready to help. What makes us your first and best choice when choosing a bail bond company is our courteous and professional staff who are ready to post bond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays).