Let freedom ring. Get back to your life: How Cano bail bonds can get you get our of jail


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Understanding the Bail Bonds Process:

Writer: Albert Cano, Bail Agent

When someone is arrested understanding the bail bond process can be confusing. When someone is arrested understanding the bail bond process can be difficult. Call Cano Bail Bonds to obtain assistance with a bail bond. In most cases, the bail is set based on the bail schedule. The judge change the set bail\ amount based on the severity of the crime and the likelihood that the defendant will show up for their trial. If the defendant cannot afford to pay the full bail amount out of pocket, they may turn to a bail bondsman for help to bail out a love one from jail.

At Canobailbonds.com, we offer transparent and profession services to assist and help guide you through the bail bond process. Our experienced bail bondsmen will explain how the process works and answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on being available 24/7 to provide the financial assistance you need too get released from jail and prepare for your trial.

It’s important to understand that a bail bond is essentially a contract between the defendant, the bail bondsman, and the court. The bail bondsman agrees to pay the full bail amount to the court in exchange for a fee, typically 10% of the total bail amount in California. This is the cost of freedom and the fee is non-refundable. The bail agent is paid for their service and for the bail bondsman’s for taking on the financial risk of the defendant if he or she is not found after not showing up to to court.

Once a bail bond is paid the defendant is released from jail with the understanding they must follow the General Condition Of Bail and they will show up for all of their court dates as ordered by the judge.

Writer: Albert Cano, Bail Agent


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