What is a California Penal Code 1275 Hold?


Will Cano appear for 1275PC hearings?

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What is a 1275 California Penal Code hold, ‘California penal code 1275’, ‘1275 Penal Code hold’. Yes, Cano bail bonds will appear for 1275PC and reinstatement hearings, if needed.

A PC 1275 hold is when a hold is put on a defendant’s bail because there is reason to believe that the money used for the bail came from some sort of felony crime.1

Note that there must be some suspected felony activity for this hold to take place. It does not apply to suspected misdemeanor offenses.

According to PC 1275.1, a police officer, prosecutor, or judge can initiate a hold if they find probable cause that the money being used for bail was “feloniously obtained.”2

The situations where these holds are most frequently applied are:

  • extortion,
  • drug charges
  • felony grand theft,
  • gang offenses, and
  • embezzlement.

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